Carbon Capture / Environment

Since the start of Thatcopyshop’s Carbon Capture involvement in April 2016 up to the end of December 2019, Thatcopyshop have captured approximately 11.557 tonnes of CO₂, creating approximately  288.92 sqm of new native woodland simply through your paper purchases from Premier Paper.

Woodland Trust calculate planting approximately 5 trees per 25sqm depending on species and terrain.

So based on 288.92 sqm of woodland, Thatcopyshop have helped to create an amazing 57 trees approximately during that period!

We’ve held 3 planting days this year with the latest one on 21st November 2019 –

Tree Planting Day 2017 – Heartwood Forest 

Tree Planting Day 2018 – Langley Vale

Tree Planting Day 2019 – Mead (Derbyshire)